International Law

Given the fact that globalization indirectly makes pragmatic rules and principles, no one can today assert with certainty that he/she will only evolve in a one and only country because, indeed no one escapes the phenomenon of globalization of trade, both commercial and professionally.

Whatever the geographical sense in which the translation takes place, when individual moves between several countries or a company wants to develop its activities in good conditions abroad, legal support is a requisite because the rules differ intensely from one legal system to another.

Our cabinet developed a significant core business in private international business law (labor law, commercial contract law).

This branch of the law deals with the contractual legal relationships taking place in a wide cross-border context, which may give rise to conflicts of laws and jurisdictions. These situations therefore involve different problems to be solved in order to determine, as a matter of priority, which law applies (law of origin of the client or foreign law) and which jurisdictions will prevail in the event of a dispute.

Our firm is a member of the AFRICA LAWS network, present throughout French-speaking Africa and Counsellor Nathalie ZOROME holds a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Comparative African Rights (University of Paris La Sorbonne).

We also enforce law, for the purpose of recognizing foreign judicial decisions in France and French decisions abroad, which may prove to be essential, for example in the matter of debt recovery or contractual liability.

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