« Walls turned sideways are bridges » Angela DAVIS.

The firm had always maintained a very close and tight relationship with the African continent.

Today, Africa is attracting more and more Western Expatriates, French or International groups, as well as Entrepreneurs from diasporas with the desire to establish their businesses in Africa, but the latter also knows transnational exchanges of expertise within the continent because many investment projects are in progress.

They are very well, all aware of the powerful dynamic of growth advancing in the African continent and many want to establish themselves in there.

However, it is not enough to only have an economic interest to be able to develop an activity in good conditions right on the spot.

Living in an environment that is foreign to a field of origin is not always easy, because of lack of understanding cultural differences and to find pragmatic local solutions: experience has shown that specialized support is really essential to comprehend how to evolve in the local legal system.

Capitalizing on her dual culture, it is the ambition that our firm has set for herself :

  • To help western economic operators and diasporas to set up their businesses in Africa,
  • To help Africans settle their professional and patrimonial affairs in France.

Regarding investments in Africa, OHADA (Organization for the Harmonization of African Business Law) is a very valuable tool that few practitioners know how to use.

It is a unified legislation of seventeen (17) countries on the black continent, an effective and precious legal tool, yet still poorly known.

Attorney Nathalie ZOROMÉ received the 2018 Award from the Foundation for Continental Law and she is the Prizewinner recipient of the OHADA Inter-University Jurist Diploma awarded by the Paris II Faculty, Panthéon Assas.

Sharing her time between France and the African continent, she locally intervenes personally with a recognized expertise in consulting and litigation, especially dedicated to the firm international clients.

In addition, to ensure qualitative legal assistance tailored to the particularities of national laws, the firm also relies on its local partners (consultants, notaries and bailiffs) through the AFRICA-LAWS Network present throughout Africa. (www.africa-laws.com).

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